LG EAY62512801 Repair Kit D607 Replacement


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LG EAY62512801 Repair Kit D607 Replacement

Repair Kit Content:

  • Ultrafast Diode. Location D607


If diode location D607 is defective, you are most likely facing a cost effective tv repair. Price of this repair kit is affordable and worth it to replace it first before replacing your entire circuit board.


Tv does not turn on, red light in the front lights up but still no picture and no sound.


This repair kit (1 diode) is not intended to fully repair your power board (EAY62512801). In our experience we have found that this diode fixes the symptom explained above most of the times. Please keep in mind that sometimes there might be other defective components besides this diode.

If you are not sure about purchasing this repair kit, please contact a professional tv technician.







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