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BN94-14136V Samsung Main Board for QN55Q60RAFXZA


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BN94-14136V Samsung Main Board for QN55Q60RAFXZA 60 Day Warranty

Main Board BN94-14136V



Please make sure this number BN94-14136V is printed on your original board. If the number does not match, you will damage this new board and we wont accept the return. This TV is known for having screen issues that could mislead the diagnostic. If you determine that your TV has a screen problem instead, then you can proceed to return the board with respective RMA number. There is a 20% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.


Please email us with respective proof of business and you will receive a 20% discount and other benefits.

Troubleshooting Tips:

This board will very likely fix issues like:

  • TV is functional but only HDMI inputs are not working.
  • Picture looks distorted like colors are bleeding, blue colors look more like green, etc.

If TV glows or looks like is going to turn on but no picture appears then it cuts off or black out and this behavior repeats over and over, then:

  • Contact an Experienced TV Technician who could determine if the board is defective or the TV screen; otherwise,
  • Buy this board only if this number BN94-14136V is printed on your original board. Keep in mind that there is only a 50% chance that this board will fix the issue as this behavior could also indicate that your TV screen is defective. If TV screen is defective then, your TV can not be repaired and you should consider on buying a new one. You could proceed to return the board - there is a 20% restocking fee and you, the buyer, are responsible for return shipping cost. Refund will be processed once we received our board and test it.

Thanks for reading.

Known Model:





Warranty Information

60 Day Warranty. Buyers pays for return shipping


(No reviews yet) Write a Review